Month: November 2018

Finer Options for the Computer Problem Solving

Do not waste your time solving complex computer problems. Your business needs all of its internal resources to support its core business and its development and today there are reliable and inexpensive solutions to overcome these tedious tasks.

The implementation of a computer maintenance contract or computer outsourcing ensures the operation, management, evolution, supervision and monitoring of the information system of your company.

Computer maintenance and user support

  • Computer maintenance is the task of a company to entrust fully or partially the management of its IT infrastructure to Reflex IT.
  • Your company’s IT infrastructure integrates all the elements that make up the company’s internal IT system (office automation, networks, data security, Antivirus, applications, IP telephony, access rights, etc.).

An IT maintenance contract usually includes two complementary ways of organizing and taking into account:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance

Which includes palliative maintenance (workaround) and curative maintenance (definitive solution)

The Reflex IT maintenance offer aims to maintain or restore in optimal operating condition a component of the information system of the company so that it is able to provide the specific service. Visit for more. The implementation of a computer maintenance contract also provides the proactive concepts of monitoring, management, supervision and anticipation of evolution, namely:

Regular monitoring based on a preventive approach to anticipate and avoid the loss of productivity of the business potentially caused by an unstable computer system;

  • Commissioning of monitoring, management and back-up procedures to ensure continuity of service and availability of the computer system
  • The implementation of security and backup procedures to ensure the integrity of the system and corporate data;
  • To guarantee a service recovery time in the event of a problem
  • Advice and technological watch on the evolution of the information system of the company

Reflex IT’s computer maintenance contract offer is a simple and complete packaged offer that meets all the IT needs of small and medium-sized businesses, liberal professions and local authorities.

In order to adapt to the budget and the needs of each, Reflex IT’s IT maintenance offer can be broken down into several levels, each offering different options and commitments (Extended time period, time taken into account, commitments from taking charge of your request), access to the support and computer assistance service from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and on-site interventions, depending on demand.

Preventive maintenance is carried out during the sub-activity phases and during the release of patches by the editors

Next-generation firewalls use signatures and techniques successfully, but this is no longer sufficient against the latest malicious attacks. To deal with these targeted attacks and threats, adding sandboxes   (test environments)   is essential to create an effective security system.

However, the real danger lies not so much in the “ransomware” that has already spread on the Internet, but rather in targeted attacks . They consist of using new code that specifically targets the target organization, while zero day vulnerabilities exploit unknown vulnerabilities and for which providers must discover and publish patches.These are the attacks organizations need to worry about because they are much more successful than their older counterparts.

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Greater Opportunities Assuring You for Online Marketing

Welcome to this digital age, where contents marketing is important for anyone who is starting the new business. The idea of ​​content marketing can be overwhelming for some entrepreneurs. Especially for those who have little or no experience with content marketing. A tip: ire as much as you can on the subject before jumping on the field. However, it would take decades to read everything about what’s on the web. You can learn a little more about content marketing.

In order to get through some of the clutter, people in the industry compile some quick and practical tips for new entrepreneurs on the subject of content marketing. Here are four content marketing tips that could grow your new business.

Create a company blog

A business blog is a great way to ensure that you have a steady flow of new content. This means that you have to think creatively about all your next articles. In addition, the generated content will help the positioning of your website on search engines such as Google and Bing. Social media is also an interesting tool to promote your new blog posts. Regarding the online marketing services the options are many.

Quality content leads to better engagement

Storytelling marketing is one of the best techniques you can use to keep the attention of your audience. It also contributes to the overall quality of your articles on your blog. This leads to more action and engagement from your visitors.

Find the right platform and influencers

Where you publish your content is important. It’s also important to know who is interacting with your content. These are things that people are looking for before doing business with you. People want to know who trusts you, who supports them and who is willing to promote you.

Start with unique content

The content must be unique. You can create the content of the future yourself. It can come from a landing page, a white paper also known as white paper or from your blog.

You can also create an image or video for your content marketing. This will help hold the attention of readers and get your message across. Content marketing must be above all informative, but while placing a hidden and very subtle advertisement.

There are several tips and tricks to get started in the world of content marketing. Before you even get started, you have to read a lot on this subject. This is the first key. Subsequently, you must integrate a tool that will allow you to highlight your texts and content. Of course, you have to promote your articles, whether on social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, Linked In or Integra. The high quality content will also help the SEO of your website.

  • That’s it, you have designed a beautiful e-commerce site to sell your great products. Phew! And when that happens, nobody buys.
  • You still have a lot of work to do before you succeed. Building your e-commerce site is just the first step in a long list.
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Factoring: An advance cash solution

Any service industry requires a constant cash flow to keep the business running. The cash flow is mainly to handle the daily small expenses that would keep arising. When it comes to businesses like trucking and so on, mainly run on daily wages or once the delivery of the merchandise has been completed. Sometimes in spite of timely delivery of the goods, the payment for the same is delayed from the vendor is delayed. This further causes a gap in the existing cash flow. This gap sometimes causes the trucking services to come to a complete stop. This further result in the halt in the movement of goods and this additionally results in a stop in the economy. Here is truck factoring comes into the picture and can prove to be very beneficial in ensuring the systems do not come to a halt Truck factoring improves cash flow.

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Let’s understand more how does truck factoring work and how Truck factoring improves cash flow? Factoring financing is one of the quickest and excellent ways to increase the cash flow of any business. The way any factoring financing works on the basis of the invoices that are generated and would be paid probably once the payments have been made. In the case of factoring financing, there is no need to take on an additional debt and also doesn’t require months of waiting for the customers to make the payments for their bills. Instead what companies do is sell the invoice to the particular factoring company and there is a quick payment received against the same as a cash advance. Thus there is capital generated for immediate use. In other words, factoring is the equivalent of selling your invoices and acquiring payments for the same. However, the only difference is that this process is done in advance rather than waiting for the payments to be released later. Sometimes it’s important to have cash in hand so that the future activities or even the current running of the business is not affected. For example, when we talk about the trucking business, though they get paid to post the delivery, they still have loads of daily expenses that need to be covered like the fuel for the truck, any unexpected repairs that might need to be done and as such other daily expenses.

Factor financing increase the cash flow for your business

Finally so how does factor financing increase the cash flow for your business? In factoring, you are basically collecting money against the invoices, which are going to be paid in the future. However, receiving the payment in advance boosts your cash reserves on an immediate basis, instead of waiting for the client to make the payment, which would probably be another couple of months. In addition, with the cash now available, you can make plans to execute the daily expenses or make further plans to grow the business by investing in marketing. These activities can now be done on an immediate basis.

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